A Holiday in Florida can Provide a Memorable Experience

A holiday in Florida is an exciting opportunity that is filled with multiple activities and vacationing opportunities. This state sits in the southeastern region of the US and is the 4th populous of all the states. This state nestles between the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Gulf of Mexico. The state of Florida has a wonderful subtropical climate in the north and tropical when you get to the south. This state is renowned for its lovely amusement parks and the longest glorious coastline stretching for 1350 miles long or 2170 km. Holiday fantasies in the state are countless and the array of dinning and lodging options can make a prolonged holiday one to remember.

Florida’s Main Attractions

Major attractions of Florida to experience include the Everglades. This is a slow moving river which is quite vast and shallow. The grass filled river starts from Lake Okeechobee and runs all the way to Florida Bay. Holiday activities in the Everglades include camping, boating, kayaking, canoeing and fishing. The seemingly big swamp is home to a variety of wildlife such as bottlenose dolphins, alligators, bald eagles among other animals. Walt Disney World is yet another attraction of Florida. This is the world’s largest theme park which features Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Epcot. The Kennedy Space center is a must see attraction. This is the US space flight center which also offers visitor’s movie treats, museum, rocket garden and bus tours to witness a space launch near the facilities. The Key West town and South beach are among other main attractions to visit for your holiday in Florida.

Salt Water Fishing Cruises

Florida salt water fishing is a recreational activity offered by many charters around the state. A popular one is the Florida Saltwater Flats Fishing. This charter welcomes fishing enthusiasts and families to enjoy inshore fishing as well as swimming. The charter operates around Florida’s Big Bend region where you can enjoy hooking out Redfish on scalloping trips. Staying in the area’s flats will guarantee endless fun in the water.

Lodging Services

Florida has various places to stay that will suit all budgets and tastes. You can choose from a variety of accommodations which include hotels located along the pristine beaches of Florida to have a close access to the sea and wonderful views from your room. If you want a calm and relaxing holiday, you still have options to choose cottage accommodations in isolated areas where you can unwind and rest. All accommodation comes in all styles to suit families, couples, groups or individuals on business trips. Meals, entertainment and room service are among the things to enjoy in most hotel accommodations.


When it comes to dinning, a holiday in Florida feels like home if not greater than home. Florida has a taste for various international culinary. You can grab the opportunity and enjoy Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Japanese and many other delicacies from around the globe. Seafood, pizza, ice-cream are just among the wide array of dishes to look forward to. Your appetite for fast-food will be satisfied by a myriad of mouth watering specialties. Most restaurants and cafes serve kid-friendly dishes. The drink and wine selection are also excellent in most eateries. Florida holiday is the place to be on your holiday break.

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