Where to have a spring vacation in 2015

As Spring seems not so far away, the thrill of being at a holiday spot in this forthcoming season sounds thrilling. With winter receding now and the flowers in bloom, you want to catch more of such scenic splendor on your holiday. If you look around in earnest now, you’ll find many superb offers for a spring break, so book your holiday now.

You needn’t book an expensive holiday abroad but enjoy a cheaper one nearer home that will have as much to offer as a foreign country. You could enjoy a traditional holiday to a beach or a mountain resort or you could have an offbeat one, like a caravan holiday, if you wish.

In Rhyl, Wales, a seaside town, you can enjoy wonderful caravan holidays in the spring. There are lots of caravan areas offering great value for money at this time of the year, so a holiday here wouldn’t be too lavish. You can get to stay in a five-star caravan and enjoy great fun facilities like a disco, cabaret, bingo, etc. You can also swim, play sports, dine out and go to the supermarkets onsite.

There’s lots to enjoy at this awesome vacation spot, so make your bookings now.

Another wonderful location would be the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. If the former is your choice, you must visit Cyprus, Turkey, Spain or Portugal. Spain has some amazing coastlines and impressive beaches, plus you have the sun on you for about five hours a day. Try taking a trip down to the Canary or Balearic Islands comprising Ibiza, Majorca and Minorca, and Canary Islands. These places are ideal for the family and have excellent nightlife. Or you can head off to the Canary Islands, on the western coast of Morocco.

Judys Talk Spring Holidays 2015

Judy’s Talk Spring Holidays 2015 – © Przemyslaw Moranski – Fotolia

As another off-beat vacation idea, how about going cycling? All of Europe is perfect for cycling through and enjoying both gentle sun and lovely weather. Choose your destination and cycle all over. The weather can be bracing in some parts, so dress carefully.

How about kayaking in Austin, Texas? There’s a lot to do here in the spring besides kayaking, such as hiking, swimming and other such activities.

If you’re a history buff, there’s no better time to visit historic Washington DC than in the spring. Visit the Capitol building, Smithsonian Institution, the Lincoln Memorial and much more. All along, you’ll find pretty cherry blossoms and welcoming air. Spring is definitely the best time to be in Washington DC, so if you’ve got kids, it’s a great place to take them to.

© Christophe Baudot Fotolia

© Christophe Baudot Fotolia

Another North American popular spring destination is Cancun. Known for its long stretches of sandy beaches, amazing night life, international cuisine and affordable places to stay, you’d love to take your spring break here.

Yet again, if you have kids and want to do something different, why not take a cruise holiday? Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Lines are popular companies to go with special entertainment features just for kids.

These are just some ideas thrown up for you. Now, go on and have a great spring vacation.

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