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judyAlongside London, Paris and New York, Milan and Rome are on the rundown of the acclaimed style focuses of the world. When you are on your Italy excursion you will most likely be unable to help yourself yet to enjoy a little in this part of Italian society. By all methods ensure you visit the moving slopes of Florence, take a gondola trip through Venice and visit a vineyard in Tuscany. Be that as it may, keep in mind that you are in the nation of any semblance of Armani, Versace, Fendi, Prada and Valentino. On the off chance that this at all interests you do see whether your visit harmonizes with any design displays or open style appears in Rome or Milan.

When you are in Rome ensure you visit the Vatican City yet you should go to the first stores of all the Italian originators. You won’t just see minimal old women in Italian towns while in the midst of a furlough in Italy yet when you arrive you will rapidly understand that Italians have a high design sense, think particularly about their looks and are exceptionally modern particularly in Rome and Milan. You should visit the popular shopping strip Via Montenapoleone in Milan. Here you will discover boutiques for Chanel, Dolce e Gabbana and Fendi alongside various others. Regardless of the fact that your financial plan does not permit you to buy anything, this will make for a mind boggling window shopping knowledge amid your excursion in Italy. A significant number of these boutiques are open from 10 am till 7 pm Tuesdays through Saturdays with shorter hours on Mondays and are shut on Sundays.

Italy is particularly known for its high mold industry or “high fashion” and the runway style demonstrates that the originators use to make a big appearance their new accumulations every season. The places of Valentino and Fendi began in Rome while the places of Prada, Versace and Armani started in Milan. With close impeccable craftsmanship, Italian designs are said to match those of France and numerous individuals even feel the Italian styles are prevalent.

Amid your Italy get-away you may know about AltaRoma, an association that has been in charge of putting Italian architects on the guide throughout the years through its yearly form appears. These style demonstrates highlight built up planners and also new architects. They are shut to the overall population yet AltaRoma likewise sorts out another occasion that is interested in everybody. On the off chance that your Italy get-away is in mid July the Donna Sotto del Stelle merits getting. It signifies “Lady under the Stars.” It is an outside style occasion that happens at the Piazza de Spagna in Rome and components a few fresher fashioners.

To further take in the couture society amid your excursion in Italy, you ought to likewise visit the most noticeable style school in Rome. This school has created some extremely capable new originators and as a rule has design displays and indicates open to people in general. Valentino additionally opened a design school in 1990 which likewise has some style and workmanship demonstrates open to the overall population.

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Paris or Paris: Which is More Enjoyable, the City of Lights or the Hotel Heiress?

peter-moro80Hi Judy,
do you want me to write about how Paris (the city) is more attractive than Paris Hilton? Is that what you mean by the girl. All right, here is the story now:


First Impressions

parisThe City of Lights has been synonymous with class, refinement and timeless aesthetics for the duration of its existence–an existence that stretches well over 2,000 years. Iconic structures like the Arc de Triomph, Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower and The Louvre are shining examples of the French fixation with, and command of beauty. Important to note is that Paris’s many architectural and artistic highlights were constructed during an array of time periods. The Notre Dame Cathedral is nearly a millennium old, constructed in the twelfth century, while the Eiffel Tower was erected in 1889. As recently as 2014, Paris has constructed a major institution of elegance and lasting importance in the form of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, a contemporary art museum designed by celebrated architect, Frank Gehry. When people think of Paris, France they think of its edifices, and by extension, of its commitment to thought and expression.

Paris Hilton is similar to her namesake in the sense that she’s known, in part, for her looks. She started out as a model for the high profile Trump Model Management; however, this is where the comparisons fall short. The first impression many people received of Hilton was through her widely circulated sex tape (not so subtly titled 1 Night in Paris) and later, through her reality TV show, The Simple Life. Night-vision salacity and reality show blunders combined to create an image of Paris Hilton as superficial and, er, easy.

Dynamicism and Longevity

I’ve already mentioned The City of Light’s history, but its worth taking a little time out to consider the fact that after 2,000 years and countless dynastic, feudal and governmental changes, Paris remains an international hub of commerce, art and free thinking. When other cities have become increasingly developed and smog-ridden, Paris remains largely unchanged. The city maintains well over 400 parks, including the famous Tuileries and Luxembourg Gardens. Both of these parks feature vast expanses of open, green terrain and a wide variety of arboreal splendor that locals at once enjoy and preserve. The Jardin des Plantes is a botanical garden planted in the early seventeenth century, making it among the oldest of the major botanical gardens in continental Europe.

The same can’t quite be said for Paris Hilton whose fame peaked during her first reality show and then faded with her subsequent (often failed) attempts to become a DJ, actor and fashion entrepreneur.


Paris’s intrigue lies not just in its greenery or buildings. The city is quite literally famous for its depth. The Catacombs of Paris is a network of ossuaries that hold the skeletal remnants of over 6 million people. The catacombs snake beneath many parts of the city, though only certain sections are safe enough to visit. The tunnels were crucial in WWII, when they were used by the French Resistance to outlast and outmaneuver the Nazis. Today, there are often reports of large groups of people living and thriving down in these subterranean tunnels. And we’re not talking timid mole people–in 2004, police found a high-quality movie theater with rows of theater seats, a fully stocked bar, and an entire restaurant all built into one of the rooms. There is quite literally another city beneath the city.



Paris Hilton, by contrast is a person often described as famous for being famous. That’s not to say she’s bad or undeserving of her fame, because who can say, really? However, it is to point out that there is no deeper level, no hidden side to the celebutante. With this Paris, you get exactly what you see and nothing more.




Paris Hilton by flickr and Paris by Wikipedia.


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Where to have a spring vacation in 2015

As Spring seems not so far away, the thrill of being at a holiday spot in this forthcoming season sounds thrilling. With winter receding now and the flowers in bloom, you want to catch more of such scenic splendor on your holiday. If you look around in earnest now, you’ll find many superb offers for a spring break, so book your holiday now.

You needn’t book an expensive holiday abroad but enjoy a cheaper one nearer home that will have as much to offer as a foreign country. You could enjoy a traditional holiday to a beach or a mountain resort or you could have an offbeat one, like a caravan holiday, if you wish.

In Rhyl, Wales, a seaside town, you can enjoy wonderful caravan holidays in the spring. There are lots of caravan areas offering great value for money at this time of the year, so a holiday here wouldn’t be too lavish. You can get to stay in a five-star caravan and enjoy great fun facilities like a disco, cabaret, bingo, etc. You can also swim, play sports, dine out and go to the supermarkets onsite.

There’s lots to enjoy at this awesome vacation spot, so make your bookings now.

Another wonderful location would be the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. If the former is your choice, you must visit Cyprus, Turkey, Spain or Portugal. Spain has some amazing coastlines and impressive beaches, plus you have the sun on you for about five hours a day. Try taking a trip down to the Canary or Balearic Islands comprising Ibiza, Majorca and Minorca, and Canary Islands. These places are ideal for the family and have excellent nightlife. Or you can head off to the Canary Islands, on the western coast of Morocco.

Judys Talk Spring Holidays 2015

Judy’s Talk Spring Holidays 2015 – © Przemyslaw Moranski – Fotolia

As another off-beat vacation idea, how about going cycling? All of Europe is perfect for cycling through and enjoying both gentle sun and lovely weather. Choose your destination and cycle all over. The weather can be bracing in some parts, so dress carefully.

How about kayaking in Austin, Texas? There’s a lot to do here in the spring besides kayaking, such as hiking, swimming and other such activities.

If you’re a history buff, there’s no better time to visit historic Washington DC than in the spring. Visit the Capitol building, Smithsonian Institution, the Lincoln Memorial and much more. All along, you’ll find pretty cherry blossoms and welcoming air. Spring is definitely the best time to be in Washington DC, so if you’ve got kids, it’s a great place to take them to.

© Christophe Baudot Fotolia

© Christophe Baudot Fotolia

Another North American popular spring destination is Cancun. Known for its long stretches of sandy beaches, amazing night life, international cuisine and affordable places to stay, you’d love to take your spring break here.

Yet again, if you have kids and want to do something different, why not take a cruise holiday? Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Lines are popular companies to go with special entertainment features just for kids.

These are just some ideas thrown up for you. Now, go on and have a great spring vacation.

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Ivona Wetlook LeggingsLately, I´ve heard comments such us “Can I still wear my wet look leggings to go clubbing?” “Are these still fashionable?” It surprised me to see how many people came up with a big “NO” as an answer, and almost begged the girl to stick to normal leggings, for her own sake.

It is a fact that wet look leggings have been all over the place since at least 2008, and their prices have been going down. They are no longer an original or exclusive item, this is true, yet this fashionista can´t consider that enough reason to claim they’re ‘out’. Also, we still see them on celebrities and style divas.

To me, deciding what to wear doesn’t hinge on sticking only to what´s fashionable in the abstract, but figuring out whether that piece of clothing looks good on me or not.

The first time a used this type of leggings was at a concert where I performed. They not only worked perfectly for moments on stage, but also were easily turned into an outfit to go clubbing afterwards. It´s pretty impressing how they stylize your contours. Seriously, somehow they manage to make your legs look slim and toned. They’re fine even for day life if you are discrete enough, and use them with long shirts and flat shoes.

I personally think one of the greatest benefits of these items is how versatile they can be. Depending on what you combine them with, wet look leggings can make you look as a rock star or a hippie. However, whatever you do, don´t use them with knee high leather boots, unless you are seeking for a tacky, dominatrix style of course.

If there´s something about wet look leggings, it is that you do stand out while wearing them.  I assure you, the number of people who turn to look at me when I wear them is  greater than that when I wear normal leggings, not that I dress up for anyone else but myself, of course. I also found that vertical striped black and white leggings have a similar attraction effect but that´s a topic for another article.

Basically, wet look leggings should still be considered a useful fashion item that deserves to be part of any girl´s wardrobe. They are still fashionable, can stylize your contours,  look interesting and be absolutely hot.

bing weetlook leggings



Judystalk says thanks to Marianne for the great article and Ivona 
for the fine image. fr6-2014is

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Welcome to Jamaica, land of sea and sunshine!

Welcome to Jamaica, land of sea and sunshine!
Welcome to our visitors and residents returning home
If you are visiting, thank you for choosing Jamaica as your vacation place
This is only the beginning of a fantastic experience
I hope you will enjoy your stay here…

Those words were coming through the public address system, as the customer service agents approach the excited passengers who had just disembarked from Flight AA1397 at the Sangster International Airport (MBJ). The agents are very pleasant, smiling warmly as they walk towards persons waiting in the Immigration Hall. They offer their service to complete Immigration Forms and ensure that the esteemed visitors and residents alike, have all the documents in hand to present to the Immigration Officer.

airportImage courtesy of

That is just the start of a wonderful Jamaican vacation! I will give you a little background about Jamaica. Located in the Greater Antilles, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, about 145 kilometres (90 miles) south of Cuba and 191 kilometres (119 miles) west of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, lies the island called Jamaica. Known for its great resorts, beaches and tons of interesting tourist attractions, Jamaica is a jewel in the Caribbean. Once you have chosen Jamaica as your vacation place, it will be very difficult to decide where you want to visit during your trip because there are numerous wonderful places to go and they all cannot be visited and enjoyed within a two-week trip!

horsesImagine of horseback riding in Jamaica courtesy of:

Before you book your trip, you would have decided which town or city in Jamaica you are going to stay. Wherever you choose, you are in for an exciting, fun time! The major tourism centres are Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril where you experience loads of sun, fun, beach and frolic to your heart’s content, and then there are other towns such as Port Antonio, Black River and the capital city Kingston for quieter vacations. Community tourism is available, for persons who want to immerse themselves into the local culture to mix and mingle with the natives and experience how they live. For those persons more interested in history, there are lots of historical sites, museums, great houses, old plantation legacy etc. to see. The all-inclusive hotels offer tour packages where you can select the places you want to visit and they provide transportation to take you to and from those places.

Now, let us look at some of the resorts in each major tourism centre. Montego Bay is within comfortable driving distance from Ocho Rios and Negril. So you came through the Sangster International Airport, Jamaica’s tourism gateway which is located right there in Montego Bay. If you had planned to stay in Montego Bay you would have made reservations at one of the fabulous all-inclusive resorts there; for example: Sandals Montego Bay, Iberostar Rose Hall, Round Hill Hotel & Villas, Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica, Sunset Beach Resort, Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort. These are only a few of the more than sixty hotels in Montego Bay alone! If your reservations were made for Negril, some of the possible choices would have been: Beaches Negril Resort & Spa, Sandals Negril, Grand Lido Negril, The Caves, Moon Dance Cliffs, ClubHotel Riu Negril among many others. In Ocho Rios and surrounding areas you could have booked any of these or choose from dozens of others: The Jewel Dunns River, Franklyn D Resorts, Jamaica Inn, Sunset Jamaica Grande, Luxury Grande Bahia Principe, Sand Castles Resort. Those are only very, very few examples of great places to stay while vacationing in Jamaica. The property owners and staff roll over backwards to ensure that the food is superb, the staff is courteous and friendly and the entertainment is out of this world!

Apart from the grand entertainment provided by the hotel, the breathtaking beaches with their therapeutic waters, the awesome spa treatments available, the exquisite restaurants and other on-property comforts and attractions, how else will you spend your vacation? As was mentioned earlier, there are tours arranged by the hotels as part of your vacation package, or you can choose your additional attractions while you are there. Here are some of the great places to visit and things to do. Fasten your seatbelt!

  1. Take a trip to Dunn’s River Falls and Water Park just outside of Ocho Rios. This is a well known place for craft, sea, sun, adventure and relaxation. It is described on as “one of Jamaica’s national treasures.” Your tour guide will take you to Dunn’s River and ensure that you have a great time climbing the different levels of the falls, enjoying the therapeutic waters and simply having fun.
    workjudystalk1_html_1a814f85 workjudystalk1_html_4ebaf8ec
    Images of climbing the falls and craft items on sale courtesy of:
  2. Go rafting on the Martha Brae River in Falmouth, Trelawny, the home parish of Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive and Jamaica’s living legend. Visitors are met in their hotel lobby and taken by bus for an adventure. The journey in itself is an adventure through Jamaica’s towns and villages, then for a ride on a bamboo raft down the scenic Martha Brae River. There is live entertainment by the providers of the service. Rafting is also done on the Rio Grande River in Portland.workjudystalk1_html_m14758225

    Image courtesy of:

  3. Experience the tropical ambience of the award-winning Dolphin Cove, located a little outside of the town of Ocho Rios. Here you will be able to swim and interact with the dolphins, go for glass-bottom kayak and mini-boat rides, enjoy wildlife such as snakes, birds, spiders and iguanas, snorkel with sting rays and then just relax on the beach or have lunch while you become a pirate for the day at “Little Port Royal”. There is also a fascinating shark show! The property is a natural cove which is surrounded by a wonderful rain forest.
    workjudystalk1_html_547cb011 woman

    Images courtesy of:

  4. If you really love the rain forest and if you love the mountains, it is twice the joy to spend a day at Mystic Mountain Rain Forest. You experience a thrilling, once in a lifetime adventure as you ride on the chair lift up the mountain. The view of the sea and the town of Ocho Rios down below is absolutely awesome. Once you are there, you can enjoy the restaurant, bar and museum (which focuses on the Jamaican Bob sled team). You can also go bobsledding on a trail through the mountain. Other attractions include the canopy zipline, sky explorer, mystic pavilion, a butterfly garden and a humming bird garden and there is also the infinity edge pool and mystic waterslide. Packages with the various rides are available. It is not advisable to visit on a cruise ship day as there are more persons there on those days.
    scene scene2

    Images courtesy of:

  5. The Zion Bus Tour is a must if you are a lover of Jamaica’s reggae music and Bob Marley. You are accompanied by a dreadlocked driver and tour guide who tell you about the life of Bob Marley as he grew up in that part of Jamaica. Listen to the music of the king of reggae as the bus takes you through the rural communities of the parish of St. Ann to the house where Bob Marley was born and his final resting place. Stop en route for a complimentary local dish of jerk, rice and peas, festival or some other Jamaican dish available on that day.bus

    Image courtesy of:

  6. Lovers of hiking can take a trip up the Blue Mountain trail. This is the home of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee, the best there is in the world! The hike begins at about 4,000 ft. and ends at the mountain peak which is over 7,000 ft., so this is definitely not for the faint hearted. If you are going to ride, this begins at about 6,000 ft. and ends at the waterfalls. Enjoy nature and the warmth of the residents as you climb and look downwards at the spectacular, breathtaking view below. Bask in the loveliness of the flora, fauna and take a swim at the waterfalls. If you overnight, you will be able to see the beautiful sunrise from the mountain (see third image below)!
    natural Cycles natural1

    Images courtesy of:

  7. Visit Jamaica’s south coast, the hidden side of Jamaica, and take a boat or kayak ride on the Black River Safari. Travel six miles up the river through the biggest wetland area in Jamaica and watch the crocodiles all around you. As your tour guide navigates the river he explains about the wild life and the various organisms in the area and the history. Three different types of mangrove and over 100 species of birds are said to inhabit the Black River Morass. These birds are also seen as you travel along the river.
    natural2 natural3 natural4

    Images courtesy of:

As I had indicated before, these are only a very, very few of the many attractions and things to do in Jamaica. There are numerous other options to explore as you think of vacationing here.

Now, there’s only one thing left to do – book your vacation and go on over for a Jamaican vacation!

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A Holiday in Florida can Provide a Memorable Experience

A holiday in Florida is an exciting opportunity that is filled with multiple activities and vacationing opportunities. This state sits in the southeastern region of the US and is the 4th populous of all the states. This state nestles between the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Gulf of Mexico. The state of Florida has a wonderful subtropical climate in the north and tropical when you get to the south. This state is renowned for its lovely amusement parks and the longest glorious coastline stretching for 1350 miles long or 2170 km. Holiday fantasies in the state are countless and the array of dinning and lodging options can make a prolonged holiday one to remember.

Florida’s Main Attractions

Major attractions of Florida to experience include the Everglades. This is a slow moving river which is quite vast and shallow. The grass filled river starts from Lake Okeechobee and runs all the way to Florida Bay. Holiday activities in the Everglades include camping, boating, kayaking, canoeing and fishing. The seemingly big swamp is home to a variety of wildlife such as bottlenose dolphins, alligators, bald eagles among other animals. Walt Disney World is yet another attraction of Florida. This is the world’s largest theme park which features Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Epcot. The Kennedy Space center is a must see attraction. This is the US space flight center which also offers visitor’s movie treats, museum, rocket garden and bus tours to witness a space launch near the facilities. The Key West town and South beach are among other main attractions to visit for your holiday in Florida.

Salt Water Fishing Cruises

Florida salt water fishing is a recreational activity offered by many charters around the state. A popular one is the Florida Saltwater Flats Fishing. This charter welcomes fishing enthusiasts and families to enjoy inshore fishing as well as swimming. The charter operates around Florida’s Big Bend region where you can enjoy hooking out Redfish on scalloping trips. Staying in the area’s flats will guarantee endless fun in the water.

Lodging Services

Florida has various places to stay that will suit all budgets and tastes. You can choose from a variety of accommodations which include hotels located along the pristine beaches of Florida to have a close access to the sea and wonderful views from your room. If you want a calm and relaxing holiday, you still have options to choose cottage accommodations in isolated areas where you can unwind and rest. All accommodation comes in all styles to suit families, couples, groups or individuals on business trips. Meals, entertainment and room service are among the things to enjoy in most hotel accommodations.


When it comes to dinning, a holiday in Florida feels like home if not greater than home. Florida has a taste for various international culinary. You can grab the opportunity and enjoy Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Japanese and many other delicacies from around the globe. Seafood, pizza, ice-cream are just among the wide array of dishes to look forward to. Your appetite for fast-food will be satisfied by a myriad of mouth watering specialties. Most restaurants and cafes serve kid-friendly dishes. The drink and wine selection are also excellent in most eateries. Florida holiday is the place to be on your holiday break.

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Fall Fashion Trends

Fashion and the sometimes random trends are as old as time. From that fashionable olive leaf that Adam wore for Eve to the meat covered “dress” that Lady Gaga dawned, fashions trends have led to just about every style that you can imagine. Fashion trends are one of those things that change based on a multitude of factors. Many times, fashion changes due to a few trendsetters that have the goal of standing out. They want to prove their uniqueness and they display that originality all over their body in the clothes that they wear. Fashion trends also change due to new technology. With the advent of new sewing, printing and material technologies, fashion makes leaps and bounds (think of the splash that Under Armor has made). Regardless of the reason that trends change, it is important that you stay up-to-date with latest fashion. If you didn’t, you could still be wearing parachute pants and that’s not good for anyone’s social life.

Typically, fashion trends start in small circles and either stay there or work their way outward. Currently, there are a few trends that are really catching on in both men’s and women’s fashion. These trends are hot enough to be new, but solid enough to not fade away too soon. Let’s start with the women’s fall fashion trends.

This year there are a few women’s fashion trends that are going to get you ahead of the fashion curve. First and foremost, if you want to stand out this fall (in a good way, of course), you need to pick up a few cute hats. Hats are huge this year and the cuter the hat, the better off you’ll be. Everything from fedoras to baseball caps are being worn by the fashion leaders so you have plenty of options. The trusty fall-back should be a beanie. The beanie is a must this fall so make sure you grab a few and don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. The second trend that has been around for awhile, but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is layering. Make sure when you decide to layer, you mix textures. The mistake that too many people make is they try to do too much when they layer. By adding too many colors, patterns or even layers, your outfit begins to look cluttered instead of layered. Textures are great, but be sure you don’t go overboard. Lastly, this fall be sure to grab a pair of over-the-knee boots. These boots are in and they will look great with that layered outfit that you’re putting together.

For the men in the group, this fall will be full of coats. A classic piece to pick up this fall is a biker jacket. These jackets seemed to pick up steam again last year and totally took off this year. A great biker jacket can make or break your fall outfit. These jackets have been around for awhile and they aren’t going away without a fight. This year it appears that varying color jackets are in, which will allow you to add a little more flair to the traditional biker jacket while still staying with a solid look. As far as colors go, gray on gray is also hot this fall. Varying colors of gray are being mixed in everything from coats and pants to shoes and ties. And don’t forget about patterns. One of the fall’s fashionable patterns for men seems to be over-sized squares. This texture may be the new front of the line when it comes to men’s textures. If you want to be a fashion front runner in your circle, get into over-sized square patterns sooner rather than later. You won’t be disappointed.

With fashion trends changing at a ever-increasing rate, it is becoming harder and harder to stay on the front edge. Luckily, resources like this allow you to get a brief insight into the top trends that are hitting men’s and women’s fashion in the upcoming months. These trends seem to be ones that will stay around until next year so stock up, and start soon. Fall will be here before you know it!

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Italys Best

I have always loved creating clothes. Even when I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a fashion designed and making it big somewhere in a big city. Today, you can definitely say that my dreams have come true. I have had nothing but mostly positive feedback from the clothes I have designed in my lifetime. By the way, my name is Judy and I’m from Italy. In Italy, there are a lot of very well known fashion designers that people like me admire on a daily basis, but the one thing I wanted more than to meet them, was to top their trends in clothing that went throughout the country and beyond. I wanted to make a name for myself and prove that I wasn’t just a student in school majoring in fashion design. I wanted to be that girl that went all the way to become someone, and this is my story.

My Fashion Story

When I was in elementary school I began sewing as my mother always was sewing clothes

"Following the Fashion" a December 1794 caricature by James Gillray, which satirizes incipient neo-Classical trends in women's clothing styles, particularly the trend towards what were known at the time as "short-bodied gowns"

“Following the Fashion” a December 1794 caricature by James Gillray, which satirizes incipient neo-Classical trends in women’s clothing styles, particularly the trend towards what were known at the time as “short-bodied gowns”

for me and my siblings because we couldn’t afford to always get new clothes. I eventually picked up this hobby, and began to really love it. At such a young age I began mixing colors and patterns together to make very bold pieces. I never wanted to play it safe. Kids at school started noticing me and knew that I was different, but they accepted me. Soon, I had other kid’s parents calling my mom to see if I could make them clothes as well. My mother at first objected as she didn’t want me to feel overwhelmed when I was just a kid at the time, but I assured her that I loved doing what I did, and I would love to make an additional one or two pieces a week for somebody else to enjoy my work. So once it began, little girls began wearing stylish dresses to school and I even made a few pieces for some fellow male classmates. I had a very edgy look to my designs. I liked to make people stand out, so they looked classy and mysterious. Even today, my themes are all around the same area.


Fashion Ideas

 But moving up to college, throughout those years leading up, I was improving every day with my fashion ideas. But throughout high school, I wanted to do something more with myself. I was very well known in my town for my pieces, but I wanted people to know me for my work outside of the city limits. So I entered myself into a fashion design contest. It was the first contest they were having in my city that wasn’t during school hours so I could finally participate in it. The competition was tough, but I had been sketching ideas for months preparing for it. I wanted to show these judges that I wasn’t going to play it safe and simple with my designs, I was going to bring my most bold designs that I had never made yet. In the end, I won the entire competition and won for my age group. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt, and I couldn’t have been more proud of myself. My mother and siblings were thrilled, the same as my friends.

With that win, I was able to meet some of the top fashion designers in my country. And with that, they were so impressed by me, I got signed for a contract to design clothes and have them be sold in stores. I was 18 at that time. I designed once again some very unique pieces that would have people turning heads wherever they went. I had men’s clothing with jackets with blasting colors and unique cuts and bold buttons running down the sleeves, I had women’s dresses cut low in the back and draping in the front with an elegant lace, I had slacks that would flare in the middle of the pant. I made everything nobody expected to be a trend in Italy, but once they hit stores, people were buying my clothes every minute they could get. They would even be buying clothing that wasn’t even for the season that it was in. Males, females, young adults, older women, they were all intrigued by my look that I had put out.

Italy Fashion

With my fashion win at the contest, I was only supposed to share lunch with a few top designers. But showing them my sketchbooks and some of my fashion designs that weren’t even expected of me to bring, they fell in love with my work and my fierce attitude as well. They knew that I was holding the next big trends in my sketchbooks, and they weren’t going to risk losing me.

A year and a half after I won the contest and all of my work was out for the prior season, I was amazed just doing daily tasks throughout my day. I would go to the grocery store and see my fellow citizens dressed in the clothing that I took weeks to design. I was waited on at lunch at a café by a woman wearing a scarf that had a tag with my name on it. People had come up to me and asked if I was Julia, the new fashion designer that had made all of these new trendy outfits. I was in some way a celebrity now, more than I ever was before. Before I knew it, my fashion trends were not only blooming in my city, but they were growing in the bordering cities, and even in other countries. I began drawing sketches to be made in other countries on a monthly basis, and my name was on billboards advertising my work.

The World Of Fashion Designer

 Now being a college student still wanting to improve every skill that I already had, I was famous in the world of fashion designer. I was so young, yet Italy saw something in me. I brought new fashion trends to my country and beyond, where even today I still see my clothes everywhere I go, and I continue to make more designs to be made. I made a name for myself with these fashion styles, and all I focus on now is thinking of ways to come up with the next big trend.

Judystalk: Italys Best
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Fashion of New Age and the Latest Trends

Often people do not care about clothes they wear. But it is very important to look good and make a statement with the help of new fashion clothes. People have misconception of fashion because they think fashion is always about wearing new clothes altogether. Fashion is not always about new clothes. Fashion is a practice, style, a new trend in clothes, jewelries, footwear, ideas, and behaviors. Fashion also relates to latest gadgets, socialization and overall individual personality. We have to walk and live with latest fashion otherwise we will lag behind. Therefore, fashion should not be taken in form of clothing but it is more than that.

Fashion is always changing. Clothes from 1960 were very different. Hairstyles were very different to that of today’s styles and fashions. We can see those fashions in old movies. Thus we can understand the change in fashion is inevitable.

While people think of fashion is only about buying new clothes, ornaments, footwear and other. This is true but not entirely. You can change old dresses to new stylish dress. You can update your old things to new so that it looks new and fashionable.

Everything we see around nowadays has great impact of fashion. If we look at the internet we have Facebook and Twitter. The latest trend among young people has grown a lot due to internet. If you don’t have a Facebook account then you are missing a great new era of socialization. Facebook is also a new fashion in the internet without which people are considered as old fashioned people.

When you see latest cars and motorbikes, they are also designed for people of 21st century. People want new designs and latest technologies. Designs and technologies are also parts of fashions. Therefore, everything is about fashion. You buy new iPhone, laptop, deodorant, earring, shoes, nail polish and you may listen to new song, get a new car, furniture, sunglasses and many more. All of these are new fashions of 21st century. The trends are always changing and this is how life moves on.

The main point is that fashion helps you feel good about yourself. There is nothing more than that. It may be also about showing people how you feel about yourself. Wherever you go, everybody is dressed up, some are in new dress and some are in old. Some people walk with bunch of gadgets and some drives expensive cars. These are the demands of 21st people. There is nothing bad about this. You may want to dress as a cooling looking guy and next you may want to look as a businessman. It all depends on the type of dress you want to wear.

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Fashion Trends 2012 – Look Awesome This Season

Start of 2012 was just wonderful. Fashiontrends 2012 is a yet another happening talk among fashion conscious men and women all across the globe. It’s the starting of 2012 and seems that it will be a most fabulous and wonderful year for fashion as well as more and more people are now concerned about the fashion, accessories, clothing and all that which helps them look fashionable and stylish.

However we have seen quite trendy and fashionable looks in the past few years, the world of fashion will be delivering us much more different this season too. With the changing trends, collections, designers and brands more innovative shapes, colors, designs, prints and fabrics can be seen this year which is actually the demand of fashion industry with changing time.

Retro style is most electrifying this season. Retro fashion is getting popular again and seems to be an evergreen trend in fashion world. Every year fashion world picks up the designs from the past and makes them look innovative and latest. Year 2012 seems to be no exception. The old flapper style, usage of dropped waist, cinched in waist line, peplum shaped tops and skirts and much more has made the move from past and seems to be the latest fashiontrends 2012.

Today with the changing tend and technology we are living in digital age which also reflects in our fashion. 2012 is a year which seems to flow air of digital age in our fashion and the way live in. The superb looking and most electrifying digital prints are making the today’s generation go crazy about the newest fashion and style. The super bright colors and prints with digital printing on the best quality fabrics is all that is in demand among the generation and seems to be the most wonderful fashion trends 2012.

Men and women searching for most trendy looks in 2012 are rather confused about what to keep, what to buy new and what to throw away so that they can keep themselves updated according to the latest fashion and style, everyone stare at. Fortunately the options are many and the best part is that you can also help give your last year’s fashion a new and trendy look that best suits the trendy fashion of 2012 making you look awesome and attractive like never before.

The hip hop clothing is another best thing for 2012 which is just lovable. No matter you are a woman, kid or a young boy, hip hop clothing is an evergreen of fashion which never stale. Nevertheless it also offers quite a number of options for men which makes them rock any party in 2012.

Designer ugg boots are the addition to list that is a most popular fashion trend of 2012. Boot lovers will surely love the new trendy style it offers. These when accompanied with jackets, totes, umbrella and many other fashion accessories can make you look the trendiest personality where ever you walk through. These all and even more are the latest trends of 2012 fashion that people seems to crave for. Just pick up your right fashion and look awesome in 2012, like you have never before.

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