Fashion: The S/S trend for 2011 in Asia.

2011 is predicted to bring some of the most interesting and stylish fashion trends to brighten up the wardrobe of those fashion-savvy, from feminine and romantic, nautical and classic to quirky and eclectic. Many avant-garde designers have once again shown off their talents and showcased some of the truly original designs and styles for this year’s look for the spring and summer seasons.

As one of the most sought-after markets in Asia, the leading fashion designers all flooded down to Hong Kong where it is regarded by many as the focal point where the East converges with the West. The inspiring and innovative works brandished by some of the prominent as well as budding fashion designers have been based on this concept in order to appeal to the gargantuan Asian market.

The Hong Kong Fashion week, regarded as one of the top fashion events in Asia held once every year, puts on parades of stellar creations of not just local talents but from visionary designers worldwide. Dorian Ho’s 2011 spring and summer collection was mainly Middle-Eastern and Indian-inspired with strong and bold colours and head-accessories for the complete Oriental look as was Guo Pei’s collection.

While soft, feminine style with floral pattern with either 70s and 50s-inspired undertones is predicted to be the look for this year’s spring season yet again, some of the forward-thinking by leading designers have put forward innovative designs with 80s-inspired asymmetrical cuts with bold colours for strong, edgy looks. A few of the world-renowned designers also didn’t fail to make their mark in the Hong Kong Fashion week such as Vivienne Westwood, launching a collection that accentuated a real trend-setting quirky, eclectic and fun casual style, that highlighted the juxtaposition of various pin-striped patterns, creating a diverse range of looks from streetwear to beachwear with this upbeat and funky theme.

In Seoul, another major fashion capital in Asia, veteran designers such as Kwang-Ho Jang has opted for a more nautical style, prominent with light neutral tones and relaxed fittings that are designed primarily for comfort in casual wear for both men and women.

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