Colors in women’s fashion 2011

Colors often play an important role in current fashion trends. Still some colors, irrespective of   fashion or style, maintain their own royalty with their warmth and beauty. White color which symbolizes peace is always liked by everybody. Fashion changes every year and accordingly fashion colors, too.  This year’s fashion for women could accentuate their curves with those timeless pieces reflecting seasons. More styles and cuts entered the runway that could bring women’s fashion 2011 into the moment. Women were so enthusiastic with the new colors and styles and were enjoying themselves in their new outfit.

Complementary colors

This year had colorful styles in the fashion front. Black had no scope at all and was put into a corner of the closet. Complementary colors captured the entire runway creating a new color generation.  A right combination of warm and cool colors is the fashion for ladies 2011. A red and pink complement Honeysuckle was the color of the moment. This hue was prevalent in all designer models. It can raise the stress of everyone with its mildly warm tone which is graceful. Honeysuckle has got itself filled in all fabrics with its sober look.
Shades of russet, a pinky-beige also was scattered around in the fashion front. Lavender, silver and beeswax yellow are also going to be the fashion colors this year. A light Regatta or Curacao Blue was set to honeysuckle in a round in color stakes for money. This can be compared to the color combination of sea and sun while sunset. The combination of honeysuckle with Turquoise Blue reveals the possibility of seeing more complementary colors that are warm and bright.

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