Fall Fashion Trends

Fashion and the sometimes random trends are as old as time. From that fashionable olive leaf that Adam wore for Eve to the meat covered “dress” that Lady Gaga dawned, fashions trends have led to just about every style that you can imagine. Fashion trends are one of those things that change based on a multitude of factors. Many times, fashion changes due to a few trendsetters that have the goal of standing out. They want to prove their uniqueness and they display that originality all over their body in the clothes that they wear. Fashion trends also change due to new technology. With the advent of new sewing, printing and material technologies, fashion makes leaps and bounds (think of the splash that Under Armor has made). Regardless of the reason that trends change, it is important that you stay up-to-date with latest fashion. If you didn’t, you could still be wearing parachute pants and that’s not good for anyone’s social life.

Typically, fashion trends start in small circles and either stay there or work their way outward. Currently, there are a few trends that are really catching on in both men’s and women’s fashion. These trends are hot enough to be new, but solid enough to not fade away too soon. Let’s start with the women’s fall fashion trends.

This year there are a few women’s fashion trends that are going to get you ahead of the fashion curve. First and foremost, if you want to stand out this fall (in a good way, of course), you need to pick up a few cute hats. Hats are huge this year and the cuter the hat, the better off you’ll be. Everything from fedoras to baseball caps are being worn by the fashion leaders so you have plenty of options. The trusty fall-back should be a beanie. The beanie is a must this fall so make sure you grab a few and don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. The second trend that has been around for awhile, but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is layering. Make sure when you decide to layer, you mix textures. The mistake that too many people make is they try to do too much when they layer. By adding too many colors, patterns or even layers, your outfit begins to look cluttered instead of layered. Textures are great, but be sure you don’t go overboard. Lastly, this fall be sure to grab a pair of over-the-knee boots. These boots are in and they will look great with that layered outfit that you’re putting together.

For the men in the group, this fall will be full of coats. A classic piece to pick up this fall is a biker jacket. These jackets seemed to pick up steam again last year and totally took off this year. A great biker jacket can make or break your fall outfit. These jackets have been around for awhile and they aren’t going away without a fight. This year it appears that varying color jackets are in, which will allow you to add a little more flair to the traditional biker jacket while still staying with a solid look. As far as colors go, gray on gray is also hot this fall. Varying colors of gray are being mixed in everything from coats and pants to shoes and ties. And don’t forget about patterns. One of the fall’s fashionable patterns for men seems to be over-sized squares. This texture may be the new front of the line when it comes to men’s textures. If you want to be a fashion front runner in your circle, get into over-sized square patterns sooner rather than later. You won’t be disappointed.

With fashion trends changing at a ever-increasing rate, it is becoming harder and harder to stay on the front edge. Luckily, resources like this allow you to get a brief insight into the top trends that are hitting men’s and women’s fashion in the upcoming months. These trends seem to be ones that will stay around until next year so stock up, and start soon. Fall will be here before you know it!

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